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The Stories We Live By

a free online course in ecolinguistics



Register - welcome message




Thank you for registering for The Stories We Live By: a free online course in ecolinguistics. You are now a member of this learning community. To start, click 'The Course' in the top menu.  


You’ll find a video, notes, exercises and slides for each of the 9 parts of the course. You can work through the parts at your own pace. The slides have notes under them - just click ‘notes’ on the bottom right of the screen to view them.


As a registered member, you also have free access to additional materials including a mailing list for updates, a glossary, bibliography, more teaching materials and a completion certificate. To access the additional materials please click here (and remember or bookmark this address so you can get back next time!): 


And just a reminder that everything is free, including the certificate. That’s because the course has been created for public benefit with funding from the University of Gloucestershire and input from International Ecolinguistics Association volunteers.  


We do hope that you find the course useful and rewarding. And if you do, then it would be great if you could let everyone know about it, because ecolinguistics has an important message to share with the world.

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